Eyebrow tattooing is increasingly popular both in Australia and overseas and for good reason. 

When expertly done, eyebrow tattoos can perfectly enhance your natural brow and provide a welcome boost of confidence – not to mention speeding up the morning make-up routine. 

However, while this type of cosmetic tattoo is incredibly effective, it does involve a little time and care to achieve the best results, especially when it comes to aftercare and healing.

Whether you have already had your eyebrows cosmetically tattooed and are in the healing process or are considering having them done, we’re here to help. 

In this guide, we’ll delve into appropriate aftercare following eyebrow tattooing as well as what to expect during the healing stage and things to avoid. 

By following our tips you’ll be on your way to your best brows in no time at all.  


What Is A Cosmetic Tattoo?

A cosmetic tattoo is similar in many ways to traditional tattoos in that they both involve the placement of ink under the skin. 

Unlike regular tattooing, however, cosmetic tattoos are only semi-permanent. Where tattoos are placed deep in the skin below the dermis, cosmetic tattoos sit between the dermis and the upper layer of skin, the epidermis. 

Primarily used on the face, cosmetic tattoos can be used to apply eyeliner, enhance lip colour and create fuller eyebrows. The latter of which we will be focusing on in this guide. 


Types Of Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos

While eyebrow tattooing is now mostly synonymous with microblading there are actually a few different methods for tattooing eyebrows (types). These include: 


This tattooing technique involves using a small handheld microblading tool to create natural-looking hair strokes.  

Drawn in the direction of your brow's existing hair growth and added in layers, this method delivers incredibly realistic and natural results.

Microshading/Mist Brow

Also applied using a small handheld tool, microshading involves placing hundreds of very small, pin-like dots within the brow area.

This softens the appearance of thinner brows by filling in these areas and giving the illusion of fuller brows overall. Often considered as looking less natural, this is still highly effective and at times better suited to achieving the desired look.  

Ombre Brow

Using a similar technique to the above, ombre brows also use a dotting technique to create a soft gradient or powdered look that is darker at the inner corners of the brow and lighter towards the outer brow area. 

Despite being quite a soft finish, it is possible to achieve a defined brown using this technique. 

Combination Brow

As the name suggests, a combination brow incorporates aspects of both microblading and microshading to achieve the desired outcome. 

Using both these techniques can facilitate a natural-looking brow with added fullness and allows for tailoring in terms of how bold or soft it looks when done. 

No matter which type of cosmetic eyebrow tattoo you opt for, the process for having these applied, the aftercare and the healing process all remain much the same.

There are many types and combinations of eyebrow tattooing techniques available

Cosmetic Tattoo - Eyebrow Aftercare

Depending on where you have had your tattooing performed, you should be provided with aftercare instructions and either a cream or ointment to apply in the following weeks that will aid in healing. 

The most important aftercare tips for cosmetic tattoo eyebrows include the following:

  • Your eyebrows must not get wet for at least 10 to 15 days post-tattooing. This includes sweat, rain and keeping them out of the water in the shower.
  • No make-up or lotions other than the provided aftercare cream should be applied anywhere near the eyebrow area
  • You should avoid touching or wiping your eyebrows 
  • Sun exposure should be limited 

Why Is Aftercare So Important? 

Your eyebrow tattoos are essentially open wounds until healed. Adhering to the aftercare instructions limits the risk of infections during the healing process while also facilitating better outcomes.  

Improper aftercare can cause your tattoos to become infected, fade or become distorted. Not only does this leave you with a poor result that will need corrective work, but it can make for an unnecessarily painful and longer recovery overall. 


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Healing Stages Of Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos

The following is a rough timeline intended to help you identify the various healing stages after having a cosmetic tattoo on your eyebrows.  

Keep in mind that every individual will heal differently. Factors such as age, overall health, skin type and more will all influence your healing journey. 

Days 1 - 4

Immediately after having your eyebrows tattooed, the area will be quite red and may appear a little swollen. This usually subsides in a matter of hours, please refrain from icing your brows to speed up this process as this may cause them to get wet. 

The intensity of the ink will also be quite pronounced, typically it is around 70% darker at this time than when fully healed. 

We understand that due to this, your first glimpse of your brows can be a little confronting and may cause you to have feelings of panic. Rest assured that so long as you care for them, they will heal to a beautiful result. 

Days 5 - 10 

Between day five and ten post-tattooing, you should expect your eyebrows to start scabbing and flaking. This is all perfectly normal and indicates the brows are beginning to heal. 

It is important not to pick, scratch or rub at your eyebrows during this time. Using the provided aftercare lotion can help ease any itching or discomfort at this stage. 

Days 8 - 11

At around day eight, you may be alarmed to see that the colour which was initially very bold has begun to fade right back. In some cases, it may appear that the ink has disappeared completely. 

Once again, this is normal and no cause for panic, the colour will begin to reappear as the healing continues. 

At this point in healing, you may get your eyebrows wet, but should still avoid rubbing at them or using any soaps or face wash. They should be gently patted dry with a clean cloth post-showering. 

Days 11 - 41

This last but often quite long stage should see your brows free of scabbing or flaking and the colour reemerge. 

The tattoo may also look spotty or uneven during this time. While the majority of the tattoo should settle by the end of this period, a follow-up visit to your technician is necessary.

During this visit, following the complete healing of the initial procedure at between 6 to 8 weeks, touch-ups or tweaks can be made to correct any concerns over shape or colour saturation. 

While this step is usually less intensive than the initial tattooing, the same aftercare guidelines and timelines for healing apply. 

What to expect from the brow healing process


Things To Avoid During The Healing Process

Wondering what else to avoid during the healing stages of cosmetic tattoos for eyebrows? Aside from the aftercare tips provided above, within the first 14 days we also suggest you avoid the following:

  • Smoking or consuming an excess of alcohol, as this can slow healing
  • Driving or riding in open-air vehicles as airborne debris and the force of the wind on your face may irritate the already sensitive area 
  • Wearing any full-face helmets, hats or beanies that come into contact with the eyebrow region
  • Saunas and any exercise that will induce sweating
  • Sunbaking or tanning as during healing the pigment is more vulnerable to fading from UV/UVA rays
  • Picking, peeling or scratching, no matter how tempting, as this can lift the pigment from the skin
  • Having any facials, botox, fillers or peels 
  • Applying any disinfectant or alcohol-based antibacterial products as these will dry out the area 


Are There Ways To Speed Up Healing?

While there are no proven methods for expediting the healing process there are ways in which you can support your body to help this along. Here are some extra things to do during the healing stages after having cosmetic tattoos on your eyebrows.

As well as following all aftercare advice and the above situations, it is recommended to drink plenty of water and to consistently apply the provided aftercare lotion. 

The reason for this is that hydrated skin is known to heal and rejuvenate itself more quickly. 

Getting plenty of sleep can also aid in faster healing as during sleep our muscles, including those in our face experience an increase in blood flow. This brings more oxygen and nutrients to injured areas which helps cells to regenerate. 


When To Seek Help

Occasionally, complications can occur during the healing process. If you experience ongoing pain, tenderness, fever, green or yellow discharge or similar, these are all signs that your healing cosmetically tattooed eyebrows need additional aftercare.

In these instances, we recommend that you contact your technician and make an appointment with your GP.  


Tanya Beauty Care - Experts In Aftercare 

At Tanya Beauty Care, we adhere to stringent hygiene and safety standards at all times. No matter what type of cosmetic eyebrow tattoo you decide on, we ensure you are given the best start and guidance for aftercare and healing. 

Our goal is to see you achieve your dream result, and supporting you to navigate the healing process with ease is just one part of this. 

Protect your newly tattooed brows and countdown to their impressive final reveal. Call today at 0422 684 696 to learn more or book your eyebrow transformation. 

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February 15, 2024 — By: Tanya Beauty Care