Client Stories - Melissa


How Anne Delivered the Tanya Beauty Care Gold Standard

Tanya Beauty Care has over fifteen years of experience and more than a hundred five-star client reviews. The highly skilled team has become Australia’s gold standard for cosmetic artistry. 

Meet the Client

Melissa was searching for a high-quality eyebrow specialist. Her wish list included:

- Skilled, talented professionals who would listen to her

- A pleasant, “down to earth” experience that didn’t feel rushed

- A natural look tailored to her unique facial features

- A job done correctly the first time

Melissa had asked her friends for recommendations and researched profiles on Google, but her first experience with an eyebrow specialist wasn’t one she’s fond of remembering.

The Need for Better Service

“I had paid a fortune, and I was really upset,” said Melissa. “I didn’t get the result that I wanted, and I was really deflated about it.”Melissa described her experience as “very, very rushed.” She went in for a consultation and was surprised when the specialist started waxing her eyebrows without giving Melissa a chance to think about what she wanted and discuss her options.

“It was a massive upsell,” Melissa reminisced. “You just go in thinking that it’s just going to be eyebrow shape, and then all of a sudden you’re microblading… and then it’s the eyelash tinting, and it’s just everything.”

In Melissa’s case, the online hype didn’t live up to the experience.

The specialist had seemed like a good choice at the time. She catered to the stars and shaped eyebrows for a roster of famous clients. But Melissa felt like the specialist was more concerned with upselling services than doing what was best for the client.

“I felt ripped off,” Melissa said. “I felt really ripped off.”

What Happened When Melissa Found Tanya Beauty Care

When a friend recommended Tanya Beauty Care, Melissa would have had every right to be sceptical about trying a new eyebrow specialist after her poor experience. And yet, she wasn’t.

“My friend is very picky,” Melissa explained. That’s what made her trust the recommendation. If her friend was happy with Tanya Beauty Care’s level of service, then she knew the company had to be great. Her friend wouldn’t have tolerated anything less.
Melissa wasn’t disappointed this time. “They were booked out months in advance, [which] goes to show how talented they are.”

Reflecting on the experience, Melissa said, “There was a little bit of that element ‘We’re very busy,’ but… at that point in time, they still fit me in. I didn’t feel like it was rushed. I felt like Tanya listened to what my concerns were and what I wanted to achieve. I think that was the difference, whereas the other [eyebrow specialist] was more like she wanted to do what she thought was best.”

Melissa started her journey with Tanya in 2018 because she wanted the most experienced person to do her eyebrows.

However, as Tanya’s availability decreased due to her busy schedule, Melissa started to trust Anne for her cosmetic needs. “I wanted Tanya at the start,” she said. “Now, I see them as equals.”

Melissa has become a loyal, long-term client and has complete trust in Anne to deliver a gold-standard experience every single time. Her previous experience before finding Tanya and Anne is no more than a distant, unpleasant memory.

When she recommends Tanya Beauty Company to her friends and family, she says, “Look, just trust them. They know what they’re doing. You’ll be really happy with these ones.”