Beard Tattoos


Beard Microblading at Tanya Beauty Care

Beard tattoos, also known as beard microblading, is the secret to a full, well-groomed beard that stands the test of time and the elements. 

Whether you've experienced hair loss, have patchy growth that leaves your beard looking less than full, or you're seeking to enhance the density and shape of your beard, our tailored beard tattoo solutions offer a natural, confidence-boosting transformation.

No more worrying about sparse areas or uneven growth—our expert artists use precision techniques to implant pigment into the skin, mimicking the appearance and texture of natural facial hair. It offers an impeccable look that's both maintenance-free and indistinguishable from natural growth.

Why Choose a Beard Tattoo?

Whether you're aiming for subtle improvements or significant changes, a beard tattoo offers:

  • Densification: Ideal for those with uneven beard growth. We add hair-like marks among your natural hairs, creating a fuller appearance. This technique boosts the overall density of your beard.
  • Patch Camouflage: Perfect for covering bald patches within the beard, seamlessly blending the tattoos with your existing facial hair. It’s a precise way to fill in those gaps, ensuring your beard looks consistently full across all areas.
  • Shape Modification: Adjust the outline of your facial hair to enhance your facial structure, from subtle adjustments to more dramatic reshaping. This customisation can significantly impact your look, giving you the freedom to redefine your beard’s edges for a sharper or more sculpted appearance.
  • Scar Camouflage: Effectively cover scars within the beard area, allowing for an even growth appearance across the face. Scars from injuries or surgeries no longer have to be a concern, as this method blends them seamlessly with your beard.
  • Total Reconstruction: For clients looking for a complete beard overhaul, we offer total beard reconstruction services. This option is excellent for those who have experienced significant hair loss and are aiming to create a completely new beard from scratch.

The Process of a Beard Tattoo

Your journey begins with a personal consultation where we discuss your goals, assess your facial hair, and plan out your treatment. We take into account the position, shape, and style of your desired hairline, ensuring results that look natural and complement your features.

  • Step 1: Consultation: Discuss your vision and plan your treatment.
  • Step 2: Colour Matching: Custom blend pigments to perfectly match your hair colour and skin tone.
  • Step 3: Application: Precisely apply pigment with a micro-needle, creating the look of natural facial hair.

Beard Tattoo Aftercare for Lasting Results

Proper beard tattoo aftercare is crucial to the success and longevity of your beard. We provide detailed instructions to help you care for your new look, including keeping the area dry and avoiding certain activities that could affect healing. With the right care, your beard tattoo can last for years, with touch-ups recommended to maintain the vibrancy and definition of your facial hair.

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