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Tanya Do

Tanya Do, the founder of Tanya Beauty Care, has built her successful career from the ground up and is now one of Australia’s most trusted cosmetic tattoo artists. Tanya prides herself on perfectly creating compatible shapes and colours for her client’s features, respecting individual skin tones and complexities. However, the quality of her work has made her loved, and she is frequently visited by a small army of loyal clients, including top models and influencers from all over Australia and overseas.

Tanya is also known worldwide for her unique micro-feathering techniques. She frequently participates in reputational Cosmetic Tattoo conferences as a guest speaker, admired by many for her mastery and specific methods.

Together with Anne, they have built Tanya Beauty Care to become one of Australia’s most well-known cosmetic tattoo clinics, often referred to as “The Do Sisters”.

The Early Days

In high school, Tanya worked part-time for the high-end skincare company Shiseido where she constantly learned about makeup techniques and skincare products. She became more interested in the beauty industry, decided to educate herself further, and undertook a Beauty Therapy Diploma. With the support of her family, she opened a salon to begin her beauty career journey.

Expanding To Cosmetic Tattoos

Her mother actually suggested that she further her skills and add cosmetic tattooing to her repertoire. However, she was very hesitant at first but soon realised that if she was going to get to where she wanted to go, she needed to step out of her comfort zone and give it a try. So, with further encouragement, Tanya decided to explore the exciting opportunities of cosmetic tattooing.

Building The Business

Still barely twenty, Tanya continued to build her business by adding more services, starting with skin treatments, and slowly expanded to include “a bit of everything”. Finally, her business continued to grow so quickly that she had to choose a focus and now specialises in cosmetic tattooing.

Tanya’s entire career has taught her one important lesson: No one becomes an expert overnight. However, she also knows that everyone needs to start somewhere. So, using her own journey as an example, Tanya decided it was time to renew her old dreams of becoming a teacher, as she realised that she had a lot to share with young students hoping to follow a similar path.

The beauty industry is constantly changing, with new trends and tools introduced every day. However, Tanya and Anne saw a need to provide expert hands-on training to aspiring artists wanting to sharpen or develop new skills.

A very fulfilling element of their work; supporting students to achieve their goals. This is one of the most rewarding parts of their career, together with seeing the growth of customers’ beauty and self-esteem.

Flexibility And Meeting Client Needs

Another important work ethic contributing to her success is Tanya’s flexibility and desire to meet her client’s needs.

Before providing guidance, she works tirelessly to accommodate her client’s desires, always carefully listening to their concerns, needs, and wants. She never dictates or makes assumptions about the client’s expected outcome without a thorough consultation.

Beautiful Results

Tanya is pleased to see that she has developed a business that offers outstanding results. Whether changing a customer’s life by improving their self-esteem or helping a student find their true path and a successful career, she celebrates every wonderful moment with each person she helps. This is why Tanya loves her life and work, and she cannot see herself retiring any time soon.

Tanya Today

Today, Tanya is one of the most well-known cosmetic tattoo artists in the beauty industry. Students are honoured to learn from the best, and she selflessly shares her artistry to help others master their craft. She has also developed special methods for eyebrow design, making her techniques highly sought after by both clients and students alike. Tanya continues to live for the “wow” reactions from her clients when they see the results of their treatment. Tanya’s passion is driven by her desire to contribute to the happiness of others, helping them to experience a deeper sense of self.