Achieve Impeccable Results With Professional Cosmetic Tattoo Accessories

Take your skills to new heights with our premium range of cosmetic tattoo accessories. From precision tools to hygiene essentials and practice aids, our selection is designed to achieve flawless results.

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Whether you're a professional with years of experience or a beginner just starting out, our extensive range of accessories has something to offer. We understand that every artist has their own unique style and preferences, which is why we offer a diverse range, from eyebrow pencils, microbrushes and to eyebrow scissors and mapping thread, to choose from.

Precision Tools

Create perfect shapes and lines with our precision tools such pigmented eyebrow mapping thread, precision tweezers, measurement caliper/ruler, eyebrow cutting scissors more. These tools are designed to help you create precise and accurate lines and beautiful, natural shapes in your work.

Hygiene and Aftercare Products

Our range of hygiene and aftercare products include sterile surgical marker with ruler, hand piece/clip cord sleeves and more.

Have peace of mind that you're creating a safe and hygienic environment for your clients. This protects their health and well-being while enhancing your reputation as a professional and responsible cosmetic tattoo artist.

Master Your Craft With Practice Aids

Hone your skills and perfect your technique. Your success as an artist depends on the quality of your work. Our collection of cosmetic tattoo accessories include premium practice tools like our 3D hard base soft tattoo practice face, eyebrow outline practice pad, practice headband and more. These tools simulate the experience of working with a client so you can develop your technique with confidence and continue to build your reputation as a skilled and reliable artist.

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Shop online now and discover the difference quality cosmetic tattoo accessories can make to your artistry and achieve professional-level results.


What materials are the sharpening razors made of, and are they suitable for single or multiple uses?

The sharpening razors are crafted from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and sharpness. They are primarily designed for single use to maintain hygiene and optimal performance. A fresh razor should be used for each sharpening session for safety and best results.

How do I choose the appropriate size for the finger pigment ring cups?

Choosing the right size for the finger pigment ring cups depends on your comfort and the size of your fingers. These cups are designed to fit snugly around your finger, allowing easy pigment access during procedures.

Are the eyebrow measurement stickers reusable or intended for single-use only?

Eyebrow measurement stickers are intended for single-use to ensure accuracy and hygiene. Each sticker is adhesive and designed to provide precise measurements for one-time application during eyebrow shaping or microblading procedures.

Can the sterile surgical marker be easily removed from the skin after use?

Yes, the sterile surgical marker ink is designed to be easily removed from the skin. It can be wiped off with a standard alcohol swab or a specialised marker eraser, ensuring no residue is left behind after the procedure.

What is the SK!N Tattoo Cream used for, and are there any specific instructions for its application?

SK!N Tattoo Cream is used for aftercare to promote healing and enhance the appearance of tattooed skin. It should be applied to clean, dry skin with a light layer over the tattooed area. Follow the specific instructions to ensure optimal healing and results.

Are the TBC inkless practice sheets suitable for use with specific writing instruments?

TBC inkless practice sheets are designed for various writing instruments, including fine-tip pens and microblading tools. These sheets simulate the skin's texture, making them ideal for practising different techniques and strokes.