Before & Afters - Eyebrows



Welcome to our before and after eyebrow tattooing photo gallery, showcasing the brow transformations of our happy clients and the impressive results we can achieve through our expertise in brow enhancement techniques.

Our skilled technicians are highly skilled in various eyebrow techniques. The before and after eyebrow tattooing photos highlight 3 in-demand procedures: Micro-Feather Brows, Ombré Pixel Misting and TBC Signature Combination Brows.

Each of our services is tailored to individual preferences, ensuring the natural-looking results you see in the before and after eyebrow microblading photos. 

Our technicians use high-quality pigment and cutting-edge techniques to create long-lasting, smudge-proof eyebrows that require minimal maintenance.  Bespoke blended colour suits your skin tone and hair colour for a natural appearance.

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The results of the before and after eyebrow feathering photos are achieved with a metal hand tool with fine needles to create hair-like strokes.

Ombre Pixel Misting

Before and after brow misting photos show how this technique mimics the effect of brow powder or pencil, this technique adds depth and definition for a more "made up" look.

TBC Signature Brow

A perfect balance between hair stroke and powder-filled effects, this technique creates a natural yet defined brow.

Our skilled therapist uses a manual hand tool to create hair-like strokes and/or a PMU machine with a fine needle for a gentle, misty effect.

Procedures typically take between 1.5 to 2 hours, including consultation, numbing, and the actual treatment. Post-treatment, clients receive detailed aftercare instructions to ensure the prolonged longevity and vibrancy of their eyebrow tattoos.

You can read more about our eyebrow tattooing treatments here.

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Brow tattoos not only simplify your daily routine but they also enhance and balance your complexion. With tattooed brows, you can save precious time in the morning, as there's no need to fill and shape your eyebrows. 

Plus, you'll always have flawless brows that keep you looking fabulous all day long. And the best part? Your eyebrows will be smudge-proof, so you can confidently go about your day without any worry about touch-ups. Beautifully defined eyebrows truly frame your face and highlight your facial features to bring overall balance and symmetry. 

We believe our before and after eyebrow micro-feathering results speak for themselves and the gorgeous results that are possible. 

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