Client Stories



Josephine has a story that might be all too familiar to women who have had a “bad brow” experience. With two poorly executed permanent eyebrow treatments under her belt, Josephine was looking for a way to correct her poorly designed eyebrows and get the look she desired. Although she was hesitant at proceeding with a third stab at a permanent eyebrow treatment, she still felt it would be the answer to her eyebrow conundrum if done properly.


Melissa was searching for a high-quality eyebrow specialist. Her wish list included; Skilled, talented professionals who would listen to her, A pleasant, “down to earth” experience that didn’t feel rushed, a natural look tailored to her unique facial features and a job done correctly the first time.

Melissa had asked her friends for recommendations and researched profiles on Google, but her first experience with an eyebrow specialist wasn’t one she’s fond of remembering.


Nikki did not have the best experiences with her early encounters with permanent makeup. Nikki had wanted to achieve a certain look and adopt an effortless makeup regime but knew little about the procedures. As a result, she had a few bad experiences and no longer felt confident that it was the right solution for her. Finally, however, she started to long for a simple solution to have a look she desired every day, so she decided it was time to give permanent makeup another try. Luckily, she found Tanya Beauty Care and is once again a true believer.


Sandra always makes an effort to find the best of the best beauty services. Whether it meant paying more or travelling further, she was willing to put up with the inconvenience to see the best results. It was a huge commitment, and she had invested a lot of money in her beauty regime until she heard about Anne and Tanya at Tanya Beauty Care.