Meet Anne



Anne has had a passion for the glamorous world of beauty since she was a child, but she did not start her career path by being a cosmetic artist. Instead, she joined Tanya Beauty Care later in her career and quickly proved to be a talented artist. Together with Tanya, they built Tanya Beauty Care to become one of Australia’s most well-known cosmetic tattoo clinics, often referred to as “The Do Sisters”.

Anne takes pride in being extremely thorough in her consultations with clients, as she aims for a perfect, long-lasting, and natural look for every client. In addition, she thinks the key to a perfect result and full client satisfaction is working with the face’s natural morphology.

Anne’s driving passion is to provide a service that makes her clients so happy with their results that they actually cry tears of joy.

She is a qualified national and international trainer in designing and performing Cosmetic Tattooing/Micro-Pigmentation procedures. She has also earned a Diploma in Beauty Therapy.

The Early Days - Before Joining The Clinic

As the elder sister, Anne initially followed the traditions of her Vietnamese heritage - a path of education first. Her dream was always to work in the fashion industry as a stylist because that is where her true passion lay. However, even after receiving a scholarship in finance and working her way up the corporate ladder to a senior manager at one of the biggest international banks - a career that many would envy, she still felt that something was missing.

It was the beauty industry that continued to hold her heart. So, she decided to leave her high-powered job and follow her heart to complete herself, and she has never regretted the decision.

Building strong relationships with clients and students furthered her satisfaction in the industry. She also continues to grow herself through each life story and has become a significant part of others’ journeys.

Mastering Her Art And Keeping An Eye On Trends

Anne has worked incredibly hard to master her art. She worked tirelessly to build confidence and ensured every client left the clinic satisfied.

Moreover, she was so dedicated that she used herself as a live model to understand the client’s experience and improve her services and results. Anne was diligent in her efforts to understand certain styles, why certain shades might not suit someone, and how to achieve perfect symmetry. Furthermore, she was determined to become an expert and continue to learn, so she travelled around the world learning new techniques and procedures to expand her knowledge and skills, which would ultimately benefit her clients. Anne now prides herself in perfectly creating compatible shapes and colours for her client’s features, respecting individual skin tones and complexities.

Along with her hands-on client services, Anne keeps an eye on the trends, researching the best technologies and new procedures to enhance the client’s experience and the end result. The expansion of knowledge is what keeps Tanya Beauty Care on the leading edge of the Australian beauty scene, and it allows them to share the latest techniques with up-and-coming artists.

Sharing Knowledge

The beauty industry is constantly changing, with new trends and tools introduced every day. However, Tanya and Anne saw a need to provide expert hands-on training to aspiring artists wanting to sharpen or develop new skills. Tanya Beauty Care Academy helps students and beauty experts perfect their craft and be confident, leading to more successful careers.

A very fulfilling element of their work; supporting students to achieve their goals. This is one of the most rewarding parts of their career, together with seeing the growth of customers’ beauty and self-esteem

Anne Today

Today, Anne is a reputational artist and fantastic trainer. She has countless positive feedback on her works, patience, and enthusiasm towards educating students. The quality of her work has made her loved and frequently visited by loyal clients, including models and celebrities and their families from all over Australia and overseas.

Lastly, Anne established the first Scalp Micro-Pigmentation Academy in NSW and the first Hairline Micro-Feather Academy in Australia. She was also invited as a guest speaker to encourage and assist those changing their career to fulfil their dreams.