Tattoo Needle Cartridges

Our range of tattoo needle cartridges and machines are designed by artists for artists to deliver unparalleled precision and control. The quality, consistency, and durability of our tattoo needle cartridges are a great investment for any cosmetic artist looking to achieve outstanding results for their clients.

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The Saveen Needle Cartridge collection provides a multitude of benefits:

  • Ultra-sharp needles for crisp and strong lines
  • Strict quality and consistency control for smooth, unhindered ink flow
  • Compatible with standard twist-to-fit cartridges
  • Advanced visual optimization tub with key head shape for reduced distortion and refraction
  • 4 thickened bars ensure high strength and durability

The 3RL cartridge features 3 tightly bound needles for crisp, strong lines and technical work, while the 1RL cartridge offers the precision of a single needle for intricate details. Both are compatible with standard twist-to-fit tattoo machines, including Cheyenne, FK Irons, Bishop, Equaliser, Scalpa, and more.

5 Magnum (MAG) needles are specifically designed for shading and filling in larger areas. There are two rows of needles on either side of the bar with each row containing 5 needles.

The collection also features the Digital Machine Needle Pack and Aveena Membrane Needle Cartridges.

Our tattoo needle cartridges for sale online are the perfect addition to any professional cosmetic tattoo artist's tool kit.

Saveen Cosmetic Rotary Machine

Introducing the Saveen Cosmetic Rotary Machine. A high-speed, precision machine designed specifically for permanent makeup by artists. Ideal for eyebrows, lips, scalp, eyeliner and small tattoos, it’s super lightweight and operates at 12000 RPM.

With an ergonomic design, the internal spiral needle length mechanism ensures consistent needle position and depth. It's compatible with standard cartridges on the market and comes with an RCA cable, handpiece, cord, and halo power supply. Plus, you’ll receive a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.

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What is the difference between the various needle cartridges available (e.g. 3RL, 1RL, 5MAG)?

The Saveen Needle Cartridges come in different configurations to suit various tattooing needs. The 1RL cartridge features a single needle for fine detail work and precision lines. The 3RL cartridge uses three tightly bound needles ideal for stronger, crisp lines and finer technical work. The 5MAG cartridge contains two rows of needles, each with five needles, designed for efficiently shading and filling in larger areas.

Are the needle cartridges compatible with specific machine models or universally interchangeable?

Most of the needle cartridges we offer, including the Saveen Needle Cartridges and TBC Aveena Membrane Needle Cartridges, are designed to be compatible with standard twist-to-fit tattoo machines. This makes them versatile and suitable for use with many of the leading machine brands, such as Cheyenne, FK Irons, and Bishop.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on the quality and performance of the machines?

Yes, we provide a 12-month warranty on our Saveen Cosmetic Rotary Machine, covering any defects in material or workmanship. This ensures our customers can confidently purchase, knowing they are investing in high-quality and reliable equipment.

Can I purchase individual components of the machines separately, such as the handpiece or power supply?

Yes, individual components like the handpiece, handpiece cord, and power supplies are available for separate purchase. This allows for easy replacements or upgrades without buying a completely new system.

Are there any recommended sterilisation methods for the needle cartridges before use?

While our needle cartridges come pre-sterilised, it is crucial to maintain sterility until use. We recommend using a UV steriliser or autoclave for additional safety if re-sterilisation is needed. Always follow the best practice guidelines for hygiene to ensure client safety and compliance with health regulations.