Client Stories - Sandra


Sandra’s Story

Sandra always makes an effort to find the best of the best beauty services. Whether it meant paying more or travelling further, she was willing to put up with the inconvenience to see the best results. It was a huge commitment, and she had invested a lot of money in her beauty regime until she heard about Anne and Tanya at Tanya Beauty Care.

How Did Sandra Find Tanya Beauty Care?

Sandra had seen Tanya and Anne’s work on Instagram, but it was her sister who went to them first. When she saw the results, it was enough encouragement for Sandra to switch from her usual travels and put her faith in the sisters. When she found Tanya in Sydney, she was thrilled to become a client and was immediately pleased with her work.

What really helped Sandra find Tanya Beauty Care was word of mouth. She knows many people who get procedures done, such as permanent makeup, which is highly desirable for people who do not know how to perfect their own makeup application. Sandra also wanted to look presentable at work and not struggle with her makeup every day. So, when she heard Tanya specialised in permanent makeup, not just eyebrows, Sandra saw the opportunity to get the full gamut -- eyeliner, lip tattooing, and brows.

What Were Sandra’s Main Concerns About Her Past Experience?

The inconvenience was a big problem for Sandra. However, with Tanya Beauty Care, she could get all three procedures done in one day and locally. This was a huge draw for Sandra. She did not have to go through three separate recovery times and take so much time off her work as a consultant.

What Look Did Sandra Want?

Sandra was wary of cosmetic procedures that came off as too fake, and she was thrilled by Tanya’s very natural work. Tanya made Sandra look natural and effortless, so she never even felt she had to apply any additional makeup to enhance her look. She also grew up in a generation of people that over-plucked their eyebrows, creating ridiculously thin eyebrows that never grew back in properly. She loves that she looks like the same person, just with her natural features subtly enhanced.

Why Sandra Chose Permanent Makeup

Sandra did not want to deal with the hassle of everyday makeup application, yet knew she wanted to achieve that well-put-together look. She labels herself as lazy when it comes down to it and is not a fan of putting on makeup. However, Sandra knows plenty of girls are out there who love doing makeup and have a passion for it.

But she did not share that passion despite wanting to look good. So, with a successful career, she has disposable income and felt it was worth the investment to avoid not having to contend with putting on makeup every day. Sandra says she saves at least 30 minutes not applying and taking off makeup each day.

What Issues Did Tanya Beauty Care Resolve?

In addition to her desire to avoid the daily makeup regime, Sandra’s eyebrows actually grow in different directions, making applying makeup a challenge. She found herself worrying how well she was pulling off the symmetry and also about the makeup sweating off. Also, her active lifestyle had her at the gym, the beach, working with clients, and constantly on the run.

She did not want to worry about whether her makeup was smudged or having to reapply it after a workout. Sandra now looks at old pictures and is shocked that so much of her makeup was not symmetrical. Furthermore, Sandra loves the baseline standard her permanent makeup offers and how she can face each day with confidence with zero effort.

We are also thrilled that Sandra’s family love the work so much that they have started to come and see Anne too!