Introducing Our Range of High-Quality Cosmetic Tools

Explore our selection of premium cosmetic tools for microblading to achieve flawless results every time. From precision U blades to versatile microblading pens, get the quality tools you need to create stunning fine hair strokes and feather stroke brows.

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Every artist is looking for the perfect cosmetic tools to achieve flawless results for their clients.

U blades for microblading

U blades for microblading are shaped like the letter U and contain 12-21 needles. Due to their sharpness, u blades are ideal for experienced cosmetic artists who wish to create curved strokes, natural hair-like strokes.

Choose from either flex (soft) or hard u blades. Flex blades are suited to any skin type and a good choice is thin, mature or sensitive skin, rather than hard blades. With a selection of both flex and hard microblades, you’ll be ready to adapt to each client’s individual needs.

Microblading pen

Experience precise feather-like strokes every time with our microblading pens. The comfortable grip design allows for ergonomic movement, enabling you to start and finish each stroke according to your liking.

Our range of microblading pens are perfect for both microblade salon procedures the salon and at-home use.

The Best Tools For The Best Results

Not only are quality cosmetic tools essential for creating flawless, natural-looking results, but they also ensure the safety of your clients by minimising the risk of infection or injury.

The right cosmetic tools for microblading, microblading tools allow you to work with greater speed and efficiency, to deliver the best overall experience for your clients.

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