Client Stories - Josephine


Josephine's Story

Josephine has a story that might be all too familiar to women who have had a “bad brow” experience. With two poorly executed permanent eyebrow treatments under her belt, Josephine was looking for a way to correct her poorly designed eyebrows and get the look she desired. Although she was hesitant at proceeding with a third stab at a permanent eyebrow treatment, she still felt it would be the answer to her eyebrow conundrum if done properly.

How Did Josephine Find Tanya Beauty Care?

Josephine initially found Tanya Beauty Care on Instagram, but she felt comfortable reaching out to them after looking at their posts. She found many photos showing the different types of services with plenty of positive comments and reviews.

What Was Josephine’s Main Concerns About Her Past Experience?

However, Josephine trusted her as she had been using her services for a few years, and she seemed to do a good job. But, unfortunately, she did not realise that the technician had no experience with that specific technique. The technician shaved her eyebrows and applied the pigment, but it was not until much later that Josephine realised it was not a good look for her. In the second instance, Josephine unwittingly was the technicians’ first client, so we can all guess how that went. Although Josephine said it was an improvement, it still was not the shape she hoped for.

Josephine had her eyebrows done on two past occasions and was not entirely happy with the shape. Moreover, it was the technician who did her facials and plucked her eyebrows that was the first to offer the services. So, when she asked if Josephine would be interested in a permanent eyebrow treatment, it surprised her as she had never seen her advertise the service.

What Look Did Josephine Want?

Josephine wanted her eyebrows to complement her face. However, now that the work was done, and she had lived with it for a decade, she needed someone to correct the damage. When she first reached out to Tanya, Tanya asked for photos of Josephine’s eyebrows and a little bit about her history. She then suggested the removal of the previous tattoo before putting the new ones on. At first, Josephine was hesitant, but after careful thought, she decided it was the right decision to get a new set of eyebrows that she would love.

Why Josephine Chose Laser Tattoo Removal

Josephine chose to get the tattoo removed because she had in-depth discussions with Tanya to understand how she could finally achieve her desired shape. Tanya advised her how many sessions she would need to remove the tattoos and provided the new shape.

Tanya took the time to explain how the old work would be removed, how long it would take, and what Josephine could expect from the new colours and shape. Tanya also offered suggestions on what would suit her face and a colour that would be right for her. Tanya’s sister Anne performed the removal in four or five sessions and provided a clean slate so Tanya could perform the final eyebrow work.

What Issues Did Tanya Beauty Care Resolve?

Through clear and concise communication and multiple visits, Tanya and her team provided the guidance, advice, and services to help Josephine finally get the eyebrow shape she wanted. As a result, her eyebrow tattoo was removed efficiently, clearing the way for Tanya’s expert artistry. As a result, Josephine now refers to Tanya as the “Queen of Eyebrows”. She knows Tanya’s commitment to her clients, and her ability to provide valuable advice is at the heart of her impeccable results.

Services provided:

- Laser Tattoo Removal

- Micro-Feather Brow

- Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

- Hairline Micro-Feather Strokes