Client Stories - Nikki


Nikki’s Story

Nikki did not have the best experiences with her early encounters with permanent makeup. Nikki had wanted to achieve a certain look and adopt an effortless makeup regime but knew little about the procedures. As a result, she had a few bad experiences and no longer felt confident that it was the right solution for her. Finally, however, she started to long for a simple solution to have a look she desired every day, so she decided it was time to give permanent makeup another try. Luckily, she found Tanya Beauty Care and is once again a true believer.

How did Nikki find Tanya Beauty Care?

Essentially, finding the best permanent makeup artists was through word of mouth. So, when Nikki decided she wanted to give permanent makeup another chance, she did her research to find out who could fix her current cosmetic tattoos and create a look she wanted. Her research led her to Tanya Beauty Care, which could provide the look she originally wanted. Nikki knew she had finally found the artists she needed through social art, looking at their work ethic and seeing their actual work.

Tanya had the experience, and the integrity that Nikki had found was sorely lacking in the other technicians she had trusted. Tanya provided detailed information about the pre-care instructions to ensure her clients saw the best results. She also showed before and after photos well after the healing, so it was good to see what results she could expect.

What Was Nikki’s Main Concerns About Her Past Experience?

Nikki found out the hard way that there is no consistency in terms of the level of training that cosmetic tattoo artists receive. Although permanent makeup can make you look fantastic, she, unfortunately, discovered that it can also make you look like “absolute garbage”. She found cosmetic tattoo artists presented themselves as professionals even if they had no more than a weekend course as their training.

Moreover, the pictures online were also misleading. The work was often shown immediately following the treatment, not the results after it had healed. Nikki went through three different technicians before finding Tanya. They all failed to meet her needs as she felt the results did not even look like her, leaving her frustrated with nowhere to turn.

What Look Did Nikki Want?

Nikki was not looking for anything surprising. In fact, all she wanted was the technician to take the time to look at her face and consider the shape of her eyes and basically her overall appearance to create a natural look that enhanced her natural beauty. She had patchy eyebrows, so she found she had to draw them in. She also considers herself lazy and was tired of having to do her eyebrows every day.

Nikki feels eyebrows make your face, and when done properly and they align, it changes the whole shape of your face in a good way. Because of this, she thought it was a worthwhile investment in terms of herself and what she wanted to look like.

Why Nikki Chose Permanent Makeup

As mentioned above, Nikki was tired of drawing her eyebrows in every day. The patchiness was a source of frustration, and she decided permanent makeup was the answer. Although it would require some healing, not to mention a financial investment, she felt it was the easiest way to get the look she wanted without the constant effort.

What Issues Did Tanya Beauty Care Resolve?

Nikki was faced with a terrible situation. She sent her photos to Tanya, who responded within 30 seconds, informing her that she would require laser removal first as she could not work over what the other three technicians had done. As a result, she had to face the world for six months with her eyebrows going from brown to orange, to red, to yellow as the pigment was slowly removed with each laser treatment.

Once Nikki’s brows were cleared, Tanya did exactly what Nikki wanted the entire time. Nikki feels Tanya Beauty Care has everything she needs, including the policies and procedures, sharing honest information with her, advising her on the steps to take before treatment to see the best results, together with the precise measurements of the angles and design to get the perfect balance she wanted. In the end, Nikki got exactly what she imagined, making it completely worth the wait and investment from start to finish.