Ombre Powder Brows

Do you desire softly defined, natural-looking brows without the need to apply brow pencil or powder each day? If so, semi-permanent ombre powder brow tattooing is a fantastic solution. 

At Tanya Beauty Care, we specialise in ombre powder brows that are perfectly applied and blended to suit your complexion and hair colour. Our highly skilled technicians offer unmatched expertise in brow design and tattooing techniques for beautiful, long-lasting ombre brows. 

Delicately enhancing your natural brow shape and colour, this technique also provides the illusion of thicker brows without being noticeably altered.   

Working closely with you, our brow experts determine the ideal shape, density and colour for your brows. Tailoring our approach to suit your unique preferences, we promise a relaxed, professional experience and exceptional results. 

About Ombre Powder Brows

How It Works

Our ombre powder brow service begins with precise measuring and outlining of your brows to ensure symmetry and optimal shaping. Following this, we will ask you to approve your brow design and confirm that you are happy with it. 

Once approved, your eyebrow technician will tidy up any excess brow hairs before discussing the ideal pigment choice to match your skin tone and hair colour. For your comfort, a topical anaesthetic will be applied before tattooing begins. 

After the brow area has been numbed, a hypo-allergenic pigment is then implanted into the skin using a PMU (permanent makeup) machine with a fine needle for a soft misted or ombre effect.

Appointment Preparation 

To achieve optimal outcomes and avoid complications, we advise the following in advance of your appointment:

  • No working out or caffeine on the day of the procedure
  • No consumption of fish oil, Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Ibuprofen, and/or Omega-3, unless medically necessary, for 48-72 hours before the procedure as these are all blood thinners.
  • No alcohol for 24 hours before or after the procedure
  • Do not pick/tweeze/wax/perform electrolysis within one week of the procedure
  • No facials or skin treatments for two weeks before the procedure
  • No Botox within 2-4 weeks of the procedure

We ask that you exfoliate your brow area the night before your appointment and arrive with clean, make-up-free skin. As you cannot get your brows wet for seven days post-tattooing, we also suggest washing your hair before the procedure.  

What To Expect Post-Procedure

Immediately following your ombre powder brow procedure, you may experience redness, mild swelling, bleeding or oozing of lymphatic fluid, however, this will quickly settle. 

Over the next week or so, your brows will scab as part of the healing process and the pigment may appear blurry or faded. We recommend reviewing our galley of healed ombre powder brows before and after application for encouragement during the healing stage. 

By week four, your brows will be fully healed with pigment colour returned and ready for a top-up. During healing, you must keep your skin dry and only use the aftercare ointment as directed or your results may be compromised. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Ombre Brows And Microblading? 

Microblading utilises a manual tool to create fine, hair-like strokes that replicate the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs. Conversely, ombre powder brows mimic softly powdered makeup with pigment misted under the skin to create a shaded appearance with a gradual colour transition.

How Long Do Ombre Powder Brows Last? 

Like all semi-permanent make-up, your ombre powder brows can last anywhere between six months to two years. Several factors influence the longevity of your brows including skin type, daily activities and the type of skincare products used. 

Can Eyebrow Tattooing Be Removed? 

Yes, while your eyebrow tattoos are designed to fade away on their own over time if for any reason you wish to hasten this process, you can do so through laser tattoo removal.

However, how effectively this can be done or how quickly removal can be achieved will depend on the colour of the eyebrow pigment and the type of laser used.

How Long Does An Ombre Powder Brow Appointment Take? 

For your initial appointment, you should expect to spend around two to three hours having your ombre brows measured, shaped and tattooed. Subsequent touch-up appointments are typically far quicker, needing only an hour or so to be completed.    

Do Eyebrow Tattoos Discolour Over Time? 

Low-quality pigments/ink or consistent exposure to the sun's UV rays can cause some eyebrow tattoos to discolour to shades of grey, blue or red. However, with proper aftercare and protection from the sun, this can usually be avoided.