Disposable Mascara Wands/Spoolies (50pcs)

$8.00 AUD

Colour: Black. 

Used for brushing brow hairs into place, or moving brow hairs aside to view microblade hair strokes. The brush heads on these can be bent slightly as needed.

FAQ Section

What are disposable mascara wands/spoolies used for?

Disposable mascara wands and spoolies are versatile tools in cosmetic applications. They're essential for brushing brow hairs into place, separating eyelashes, and even for microblading hair strokes. The flexibility to bend the brush heads as needed adds to their utility in precise grooming and makeup application.

Are these disposable mascara wands suitable for both eyebrows and eyelashes?

Absolutely. These disposable eyebrow spoolies and disposable eyelash wands are designed for dual use, making them perfect for grooming both eyebrows and eyelashes. Their design ensures even application and separation, enhancing the overall look of your eye makeup.

Can these disposable spoolies be used with other makeup products?

Yes, disposable spoolies can be utilised with various makeup products. Beyond eyelashes and eyebrows, they're handy for applying mascara, brow gel, or even to help de-clump lashes and brows. Their disposable nature ensures hygiene and versatility across different makeup applications.

Are the disposable mascara wands suitable for professional use or just personal grooming?

These disposable mascara brushes are ideal for both professional use and personal grooming. They are hygienic and convenient in the salon and easy to use for a polished look at home - these wands are ideal for every makeup routine.