Measurement Caliper/Ruler

$10.99 AUD
Available in black. Used for measuring eyebrows before and during your procedure.

FAQ Section

What is a measurement caliper/ruler?

A measurement caliper (or caliper ruler) is a tool used for getting precise measurements. In the world of beauty, especially when working on eyebrows, this tool helps you measure distances and ensure both brows are symmetrical and evenly shaped before and during the procedure. Every professional brow artist needs measurement calipers in their tool kit.

How does the measurement caliper/ruler assist in eyebrow procedures?

This caliper ruler is super handy for eyebrow work. It helps you measure and mark key points on the eyebrows, ensuring they're perfectly aligned with the client's facial features.

Is the measurement caliper/ruler suitable for both professional and personal use?

Yes. If you're a professional, the measurement caliper is a must-have for precise eyebrow work. It's a simple tool to help you get professional-looking results if you're doing your own brows at home.

Is there a specific technique or guideline for using the measurement caliper/ruler during eyebrow procedures?

Using a caliper ruler involves a few simple steps. Start by aligning it with key points of the face to measure where the brows should start, arch, and end. Making small marks with the caliper measurement as a guide can help you achieve symmetrical and well-defined brows.