Saveen Cosmetic Rotary Machine (Halo Power, Handpiece and Cord)

$399.00 AUD $549.00

Our newest high speed machine with improved precision! It's designed by artists for artists. 

Can also be used in conjunction with our TBC WIRELESS MACHINE.

The Saveen machine has a super slim ergonomic bold design that is easy to hold and weighs only 91 grams with a diameter of 20mm. 

Designed to perfection for permanent makeup. Equipped with a mini customised high speed motor that operates at 12000 Rpm and an input voltage at 12V ensures stable high speed operation.

Ideal for eyebrows, lips, scalp, eyeliner and small tattoos. 

The internal spiral needle length mechanism ensures when adjusting the needle depth, it will not change the position of the needle and the length of the machine remains unchanged. 

Saveen is designed to be as universal as possible, coming with an RCA cable, and utilising standard cartridges on the current market. This provides you with a range of brands. 

Each comes with a hand piece, hand piece cord and halo power supply. 

12 month warranty from date of purchase. 

FAQ Section

What makes the Saveen Cosmetic Rotary Machine stand out?

The Saveen Cosmetic Rotary Machine sets itself apart with an ergonomic design tailored for artists. Lightweight at 91 grams and designed for precision in permanent makeup, its high-speed motor (12,000 Rpm) ensures smooth operation for eyebrows, lips, and more. Unique for its stable needle depth and compatibility with standard cartridges, it's a top choice among rotary machines.

Is it suitable for beginners and experienced artists?

Yes, its user-friendly design benefits both beginners and seasoned artists. This cosmetic machine offers ease of use without sacrificing performance, making it versatile for various cosmetic applications.

Can it be used with specific pigments or inks?

Yes. The Saveen cosmetic machine supports a broad array of pigments and inks due to its standard cartridge system. This design choice directly impacts ink application, allowing for consistent pigment dispersion and optimal saturation levels. Artists can count on the Saveen for precise and uniform application across various cosmetic procedures, enhancing quality of work.

What maintenance is recommended?

Maintain the Saveen by regularly cleaning and sterilising the hand piece and cartridges. A soft, damp cloth is ideal for the machine’s body and cord. Ensuring connections are intact and the machine is free from debris will prolong its lifespan and efficiency.