Saveen Needle Cartridge 5MAG (20 pcs)

$27.00 USD

Magnum (MAG) needles are used for shading and filling in big areas. Magnums have two rows of needles on both sides of the bar (5 needles). 

1005M-2 0.30mm diameter. Taper 3.5mm

Saveen cartridges are compatible with tattoo machines that accept standard twist-to-fit cartridges including Cheyenne, FK Irons (Spektra Xion, Bellar, etc), Bishop, Equaliser, Scalpa and many more.

These cartridges are designed to be ultra sharp with strict quality and consistency control that offers high stability, smooth unhindered ink flow and free of impurities. 

An advanced visual optimisation tub with a key head shape of the shell side to the tip. 

The right angles at all 4 sides reduce the distortion and refraction of spherical lens, 4 thickened bars ensure high strength durability.