Saveen Needle Cartridges 1RL (20 pcs) (UNIVERSAL cartridges)

$39.90 AUD

Single needle. 


Size options: 

1001RL 0.30mm diameter. Taper 5mm

1201RL 0.35mm diameter. Taper 5mm


Saveen cartridges are universal and compatible with tattoo machines that accept standard twist-to-fit cartridges including Cheyenne, FK Irons (Spektra Xion, Bellar, etc), Bishop, Equaliser, Scalpa and many more.

These cartridges are designed to be ultra sharp with strict quality and consistency control that offers high stability, smooth unhindered ink flow and free of impurities. 

An advanced visual optimisation tub with a key head shape of the shell side to the tip. 

The right angles at all 4 sides reduce the distortion and refraction of spherical lens, 4 thickened bars ensure high strength durability. 


FAQ Section

How do I know if 1001RL and 1201RL Saveen Needle Cartridges fit my tattooing needs?

Selecting a 1RL needle cartridge is based on your technique and detail preferences. The 1001RL needle excels in fine line work, while the 1201RL is better for slightly thicker lines and delicate shading. Both are precise, catering to various artistic needs.

Can Saveen Needle Cartridges be used for both lining and shading?

Yes, 1RL needles excel in precise lining and can achieve soft shading, especially in small areas. The 1RL cartridge design promotes smooth ink flow and versatility.

Can Saveen Needle Cartridges be easily adjusted or replaced during a session?

Yes, needle cartridges like the Saveen 1RL are designed for quick changes, compatible with many machines, ensuring smooth transitions between lining and shading tasks.

Are Saveen Needle Cartridges suitable for all tattoo artists?

Saveen 1RL cartridge needles support artists at every level, offering control and stability for beginners while experts will value the precision for complex artistry. This makes them a universally preferred choice for tattoo cartridges in Australia.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee with Saveen Needle Cartridges?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee for the 1RL tattoo needles cartridge, ensuring high-quality standards for reliability and performance.