TBC Pigment Collection (9 pigments excluding Hazel Olive)

$299.00 AUD

Includes: Caramel, Golden Brown, Deep Blonde, Ash Blonde, Brunette, Chocolate, Rich Brown, Ebony and Maroon. Does not include Hazel Olive (can be purchased separately). 

Ingredients: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Alcohol, Water, Witch Hazel, Antioxidant Formula, Non Toxic Pigment Blend.

Application notes: Don't mix with other brands. Shake well. Store in a cool, dry place. For professional use only. After opening, use within 18 months.

Suitable for both microblading and shading. Each of the colours has been specifically designed to be easily matched to all skin and hair tones. Smooth texture that doesn't dry out resulting in less product needed for each procedure. Formulated using concentrated, vibrant colours that stay true, stable and easily implanted. Sterilised to ensure the safety of your clients.

Made in USA. Vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

CARAMEL – Soft warm blonde colour. This is the lightest colour in the collection. Can add Chocolate, Brunette or Rich Brown to darken it. This colour can also used to lighten other colours.

GOLDEN BROWN – Light yellow base colour. Perfect for clients who want super natural look. Suitable for fair complexions and light hair colour. Add Chocolate, Brunette, Rich brown or Ebony to darken.

ASH BLONDE – Perfect for clients who are greying with “salt and pepper” hair. Can be use alone for shading. For darker tone (Microblading) add a few drops of Brunette or Chocolate.

DEEP BLONDE – Favourite colour for dark blonde or clients who want a soft look that is neither too light nor too dark.

BRUNETTE – Favourite. This colour is a MUST have. A well balanced rich medium brown. Can be use alone on medium hair or mixed with Ash Blonde or Deep blonde for lighter hair and fair skin. Add Rich brown to darken it.

CHOCOLATE – Slightly darker than Brunette. Perfect for clients who want a more defined look. Similar with Asian natural hair colour.

RICH BROWN – A cool colour. Very dark brown suitable for darker skinned clients. Can be use alone or add 1-2 drops of Caramel or Maroon for warmer effect. This can be used to darken any colour.

EBONY – Darkest brown on the collection. This is a dark black- brown colour. Always add 1-2 drops of Maroon to warm up the colour. Good for black eyebrow hair. This colour can be used to darken any other colours.

MAROON – To warm up any colour and to fix blue and green brows.

Sample Mixtures

100% -10 drops

80% + 20% = 8+2

50%=50% = 5+5

Light Ash – Ash blonde alone or Ash blonde 80 + Golden Brown 20
Dark Ash - Deep blonde alone or Deep blonde 70 + 30 Golden brown
Warm blonde –  Golden brown alone or Deep blonde 70+ Caramel 30

Light Grey – Ash blonde alone
Dark grey – Ash blonde70 + Brunette 30

Mid Cool Brown- Brunette 70 + Deep blonde 30
Mid warm brown – Brunette 70 + Golden brown or Caramel 30
Dark cool brown – Chocolate alone or Rich brown alone or Chocolate 70 + Ash blonde 30
Dark warm brown – Chocolate 70 + Golden Brown 30 or Rich brown 70 + Caramel 30 or Rich brown 80 + Maroon 20

Ebony 80 + Maroon 20

Maroon - Formulated specifically for the correction of stubborn dark grey, charcoal grey or dark blue and green brows.
Golden Brown – Can be used to correct red/purple and salmon-mauve brows.