TBC Eyebrow Pencil

$14.99 AUD

Available in Black, Dark Brown and Medium Brown

Our TBC Eyebrow Pencils allow you to design perfect eyebrows with crisp defined lines. Each pencil has a retractable lead and requires no sharpening. At the other end of the pencil, a spoolie is attached to help brush brow hairs for the perfect shaping.


FAQ Section

What are eyebrow pencils used for?

Eyebrow pencils define, shape, and fill eyebrows, enhancing their natural look. Essential for eyebrow care, they're key in any makeup routine.

Is the TBC Eyebrow Pencil waterproof, and how long does it last throughout the day?

Yes, the TBC Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil resists moisture without smudging or fading for beautiful brows all day.

Are the TBC Eyebrow Pencils suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin?

Yes, TBC Eyebrow Pencils are gentle and suitable for every skin type, including sensitive ones, making them a go-to eyebrow filler.

Can the TBC Eyebrow Pencil be used to fill in sparse areas or gaps in the eyebrows?

Absolutely. It's perfect for covering sparse areas, delivering a seamless look. Use it as a black eyebrow pencil or in other shades for natural fullness.

How long can I expect one TBC Eyebrow Pencil to last with regular use?

Thanks to its efficient pull-sharpen system, a single TBC Eyebrow Pencil lasts months with regular use.

Is the TBC Eyebrow Pencil smudge-proof, especially in hot or humid weather conditions?

Its waterproof formula ensures that your eyebrow makeup stays put, providing confidence that your look will last throughout the day without smearing or fading.