$399.00 AUD

Introducing Tanya Beauty Care's latest breakthrough in PMU technology: TBC WIRELESS PMU MACHINE. Engineered with precision and innovation, this is a cutting edge cordless set for permanent makeup which can work at slow speed and vibration.

This machine can be used with our SAVEEN needle cartridges, or any universal cartridges. 

Available in BLACK or GOLD.


Wireless Convenience: The cordless design with a built-in battery provides flexibility and ease of use.

Universal Application: Versatile for both Permanent Makeup (PMU) and tattoo procedures, offering convenience for artists working in different domains.

Quiet Operation: Operates quietly, creating a comfortable and peaceful environment for both the artist and the client.

Stable Needles: Ensures stability during operation, contributing to precise and consistent results.

Diverse Applications: Suitable for various procedures including powder brows, nano brows, lip blushing, eyeliner, and tattoo work.

Modern Stylish Design: The machine features a contemporary and stylish design, adding a touch of modernity to the workspace.

Variable Speeds: Capable of working at both low and high speeds, providing flexibility for different techniques and applications.

Lightweight Construction: Weighing only 90 grams, the machine is exceptionally light, promoting comfortable and precise control during usage.

Backup Battery: Comes with a spare battery, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during work sessions.

RCA Jack Connectivity: Equipped with an RCA jack for easy connection to a power panel, ensuring a stable power supply for consistent performance.



Wireless Pen x1
Battery x1
RCA Jack x1
USB Cable x1
Connect Cord x1




Power input: 5V

Power output: 4-11V---1000mA

Speed Max: 8000RPM

Power: 0.5-12W

Battery Capacity: 1000MA

Work Time: 5-6 hours

Charging Time: 2-3 hours

Warranty: 1 year

Stroke: 3mm

Pen Size: 2.0cm x 14.5cm

Pen Weight:  95.3g

Colour; Black / Gold



1. Insert the needle cartridge into the hand piece. Hold the hand piece with the insertion
opening facing upwards. Screw the needle cartridge into the handpiece.

2. Turn the power on - you can now turn on the control unit.

3. Adjust the speed - press up and down to change the speed.

4. Adjust penetration depth - by turning the adjustment ring on the handpiece to the right, the penetration depth can be increased.

5. Use the battery - when you want to use power supply, change the battery to RCA jack. There is a protective cap to screw off and put on the top of pen.